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Brix Hospital

Specialising in brain, spine, and peripheral nervous system surgery is Dr. Pravin Ganjare in Pune. This medical professional is a renowned name in the field of neurology. This field in particular is known to be a one that is highly complex. And to handle areas of the body that involve the brain and the spine requires for an immense amount of skill and study. This practitioner has studied in one of the most applauded institutes. After being in the medical space for a considerable number of years, the doctor has always looked to find more advanced methodologies to treat patients. It is through pure passion for one’s work that Dr. Pravin Ganjare goes an extra mile to discover more accurate and in some times less invasive ways of surgery. The doctor is known to engage in numerous medical discussions and conferences that concern this field of medicine specifically as well as others. Patients can conveniently find the clinic situated at Chinchwad Station. A major landmark that will assist one in finding the place is Balukaka Kanitkar Path, Dawa Bazaar.