Dr. Pravin Ganjre – Epilepsy Disc Surgery Specialist

What is Epolepsy Surgery

What Is Epilepsy Surgery?

Medications can control seizures in most people with epilepsy, but they don’t operate for everyone. Nearly 30% of people using the drugs can’t tolerate the side effects. In some cases, brain surgery may be an alternative.

An operation on the brain can manage seizures and enhance your quality of life.

Surgery has 3main purposes:

Remove the region of the brain that effects seizures.
Disturb the nerve pathways that seizure movements take through your brain.
Implant a device to handle epilepsy.

Who Gets Epilepsy Surgery?

Surgery is only a choice if:

Your doctor can recognize the region of the brain where the seizures originate, called the seizure focus.
The section to be removed doesn’t manage a significant function like speech, sensation, or action.
If you meet those criteria, it goes best when:
Your seizures are damaging.
Medication doesn’t manage your seizures.
Medicine side effects are critical and affect your quality of life.
People with other severe medical difficulties, like cancer or heart disease, normally aren’t considered for this treatment.

What is Epilepsy Surgery